Friday, December 10, 2010

Effects of E.S.D on Computers

Most people must have been wondering why Computer parts become bad or faulty without any causable activity or event. The obvious cause in most cases is E.S.D (Electro-static Discharge).
Now let me explain; When Computer parts e.g ram, accumulate static currents, this parts tend to malfunction immediately or later. This charges are gotten from: us, thunder and lightning, charged substances, damp-air, unearthed connections est.
This hazards can therefore be avoided by;

1. Earthing our Computer system (may be through the Power pack).

2. Using three-wire power cords,

3. Wearing Anti-static wrist strap when working inside the System,

4. Storing Spare Computer parts e.g Hard disk, Ram, Motherboard est. In anti-static bags.
E.S.Ds are dangerous to the health of computers and IT appliances!