Monday, October 18, 2010

Computer Software

Software (though not really soft as we cannot even touch them) are (coded) instruction(s) needed by computers to perform a particular task successfully. Softwares can be compared to Lectures and Education acquired by Humans to be able to tackle certain problems for example; you need to be taught how to solve Algebra before you can now solve any Algebraic problem. your teacher/Lecturer impacts the instructions (software) needed for you to solve Algebraic problems. A computer versatility is only limited to the varieties of (application) software it has. (Note: A Software which can technically be described as a "COMPUTER PROGRAM" must be written in Language,that particular Computer Understands. for example, it is of no use taking Lectures with a language you do not understand, of course it would be absolute nonsense!
Computer Programming Languages will explained in details later on.)
Basically we have 2 types of software.

1.SYSTEM Sofware

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