Friday, October 22, 2010

Component of computers.

A computer is basically made up of two components. These are the HARDWARE & SOFTWARE.

HARDWARE: These are the physical parts of the computer; the System unit, the peripherals (devices that are connected to the system unit. e.g mouse, keyboard,V.D.U, Speakers, . . .)and other parts that can be seen.
They are classified into 4 i.e
  1.  INPUT devices
  2.  PROCESSING devices
  3.  OUTPUT devices
  4.  STORAGE devices

1.INPUT devices: These are used to send data (with specific formats e.g the microphone sends data in audio formats(wav,mp3,aac . . .) and the keyboard key in data in form of texts(a,b . . ,1,2 . . , %,@. . .) to the processing device.

2.PROCESSING devices: These devices are properly reffered to as PROCESSORS. This processors are responsible for the processing of Data into Information. I'm sure you are beginning to imagine how important they are.

3.OUTPUT devices: These devices are responsible for the delivering of Information (Processed Data)
From the processor to when they are needed.
4.STORAGE devices:These are used to store data and Information for future use. We have a collosal variety of storage devices which we will deal with as time goes on.

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