Friday, December 10, 2010

Effects of E.S.D on Computers

Most people must have been wondering why Computer parts become bad or faulty without any causable activity or event. The obvious cause in most cases is E.S.D (Electro-static Discharge).
Now let me explain; When Computer parts e.g ram, accumulate static currents, this parts tend to malfunction immediately or later. This charges are gotten from: us, thunder and lightning, charged substances, damp-air, unearthed connections est.
This hazards can therefore be avoided by;

1. Earthing our Computer system (may be through the Power pack).

2. Using three-wire power cords,

3. Wearing Anti-static wrist strap when working inside the System,

4. Storing Spare Computer parts e.g Hard disk, Ram, Motherboard est. In anti-static bags.
E.S.Ds are dangerous to the health of computers and IT appliances!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Computer Drivers

Today i'll be writing about System Drivers .
DRIVERS are needed by Computer Processors to communicate with external and internal Peripherals.
When a device is connected to the Computer without its driver installed, that device/Peripheral will not be able to function.
However some Peripherals are Plug and Play i.e, they can work without you seperately installing a driver.
To install the driver for a Peripheral, you can download from the internet. Otherwise, (for Windows Os) insert the Cd/Dvd rom containing the driver, Go to the Control panel of your Computer, click on the System icon and go to the Device Manager.
Click on the device and then click install driver.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hey how are you getting on? i'm been on strike for some time now. you know why? simple! you guys refused to comment on my posts. anyway i might call of the strike very soon see ya.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Memory (types)

The computer memory is categorised as follows;
1. RAM
2. ROM

1. RAM: RAM is an acronym for 'Random Access Memory'. This type of memory have a temporary storage i.e they can only store for a limited time. They can briefly be regarded as 'Volatile memories' because all data/information stored on a RAM is completely lost after a power failure.
This type of memory is mainly used by the computer to hold Data awaiting processing and Information awaiting delivery.

2. ROM: ROM is an acronym for 'Read-only Memory'. This type of Computer memory is used to store data permanently.
ROMs are used to store Important computer programs such as the 'BIOS'.
ROMs are sub-categorised into;
Information on the EPROM and EEPROM can be erased (Intentionally).

Now let's do this:
What are the full meaning of the following Memory abbreviations;
Place your answers as a Comment below.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Components of computers (2)

SYSTEM Software: This is a programm that controls the entire Computer system. It can also be reffered to as an 'Operating System'.

The system software is a major factor that determines the performance of a computer. For example, the human brain have to be developed to some certain extent before it can control the whole body part properly i.e the more advanced your system software, the more advanced your computer becomes. On the other hand, the system software controls the performance and well being of the entire Computer system.

The System Software can briefly be described as 'point of communication' between the Computer system and its Operator.

Have you wondered why you click on the eject option on your computer with your mouse and your Disk drive responds? That is the job of a system software.

The system software also creates a platform for Application software to operate.
Mac Os, Win 98,Win 2000, Win ME, Win Xp, Win Vista est. Are Examples of System Software.

APPLICATION Software: This is any Computer Programm written to applied in carrying out a particular task such as; word processing, audio converting, video editing, disk copying, Calculating est.

Examples of an Application Software are ; Microsoft word (for Word processing), Corel Draw(for graphic designing), Ulead video studio(for video editing), Moxilla firefox(Applied in Internet surfing), est.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Component of computers.

A computer is basically made up of two components. These are the HARDWARE & SOFTWARE.

HARDWARE: These are the physical parts of the computer; the System unit, the peripherals (devices that are connected to the system unit. e.g mouse, keyboard,V.D.U, Speakers, . . .)and other parts that can be seen.
They are classified into 4 i.e
  1.  INPUT devices
  2.  PROCESSING devices
  3.  OUTPUT devices
  4.  STORAGE devices

1.INPUT devices: These are used to send data (with specific formats e.g the microphone sends data in audio formats(wav,mp3,aac . . .) and the keyboard key in data in form of texts(a,b . . ,1,2 . . , %,@. . .) to the processing device.

2.PROCESSING devices: These devices are properly reffered to as PROCESSORS. This processors are responsible for the processing of Data into Information. I'm sure you are beginning to imagine how important they are.

3.OUTPUT devices: These devices are responsible for the delivering of Information (Processed Data)
From the processor to when they are needed.
4.STORAGE devices:These are used to store data and Information for future use. We have a collosal variety of storage devices which we will deal with as time goes on.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Computer Software

Software (though not really soft as we cannot even touch them) are (coded) instruction(s) needed by computers to perform a particular task successfully. Softwares can be compared to Lectures and Education acquired by Humans to be able to tackle certain problems for example; you need to be taught how to solve Algebra before you can now solve any Algebraic problem. your teacher/Lecturer impacts the instructions (software) needed for you to solve Algebraic problems. A computer versatility is only limited to the varieties of (application) software it has. (Note: A Software which can technically be described as a "COMPUTER PROGRAM" must be written in Language,that particular Computer Understands. for example, it is of no use taking Lectures with a language you do not understand, of course it would be absolute nonsense!
Computer Programming Languages will explained in details later on.)
Basically we have 2 types of software.

1.SYSTEM Sofware

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What are Computers?

Computers are electronic devices that are capable of accepting data, processing data and therefore producing and storing expected output in expected formats.
From this definition you can understand that this stuffs can make our life easier!

All computers must ; able to accept instructions via computer programs (software) because this make them versatile.
2. possess good storage capacity to store unprocessed data, instructions and processed data(information).
3. be able to execute tasks quickly.
4. have an interactive interface between its operator and itself.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What is Computer Engineering?

    Computer Engineering can be regarded as Computer "TROUBLE-SHOOTING".
because it involves mostly, the Diagnosis and Maintenance of Computer Systems.