Monday, October 25, 2010

Components of computers (2)

SYSTEM Software: This is a programm that controls the entire Computer system. It can also be reffered to as an 'Operating System'.

The system software is a major factor that determines the performance of a computer. For example, the human brain have to be developed to some certain extent before it can control the whole body part properly i.e the more advanced your system software, the more advanced your computer becomes. On the other hand, the system software controls the performance and well being of the entire Computer system.

The System Software can briefly be described as 'point of communication' between the Computer system and its Operator.

Have you wondered why you click on the eject option on your computer with your mouse and your Disk drive responds? That is the job of a system software.

The system software also creates a platform for Application software to operate.
Mac Os, Win 98,Win 2000, Win ME, Win Xp, Win Vista est. Are Examples of System Software.

APPLICATION Software: This is any Computer Programm written to applied in carrying out a particular task such as; word processing, audio converting, video editing, disk copying, Calculating est.

Examples of an Application Software are ; Microsoft word (for Word processing), Corel Draw(for graphic designing), Ulead video studio(for video editing), Moxilla firefox(Applied in Internet surfing), est.

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